is in maintenance mode and can no longer be actively used. is not just another URL shortener. is integrated with Clicky Web Analytics, giving you a world of analytics not available with any other URL shortener.

With Clicky Web Analytics installed on your site, you'll get piles of additional data about the people who click your links after they arrive at your site, something no other shortener can give you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to use instead of the countless other URL shorteners available?

Anytime you want to share a link to a web site you are tracking with Clicky Web Analytics, you'll want to use This is because you'll be able to use our segmentation functionality with any link you share, to view not only aggregate stats of the visitors who arrived via a certain link (e.g. the top referring domains, top countries, average time on site, bounce rate, etc), but also view the individual visitors themselves. This gives you the best data available of any URL shortener. is designed specifically for sharing links to a web site you are tracking with Clicky. You can use it for sharing links to other sites too, but you won't get any data on the link other than the number of hits it's received.

How do I shorten URLs with

There are several ways to do this. The first is to just come to and paste in a URL. We have also created this bookmarklet that you can drag into your bookmark toolbar. Whenever you click it, you will be redirected here with the URL of the page you were viewing pre-filled into the form. When using the bookmarket, we'll also try to guess what site this is for (that you track with Clicky) based on the domain name, saving you a step.

You can also create shortened URLs from within Clicky. Go to Links, then Short URLs, then click Create new short URL. This will let you either copy/paste a URL, or pick one from your popular content automatically.

There is also an API to fully automate the process.

Why do I need to have an account with Clicky? is designed to track data about your visitors after they arrive at your site. This can only be accomplished by running Clicky on your web site. If you do not wish to install Clicky on your web site, is not for you.

Is it free?

It used to be, until spammers started seriously abusing the service.
Now, a paid premium account is required to use